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Showcase no.1

DARK LORD STARSHIP was the first of my high end terrain models for table top games. Made with FDM 3D printing in mind with a easy to print split design. You can find this model here. If you like this design stay tuned for more!

Showcase no.2

My WALKING CARPET BUNDLE  has some my biggest models yet! With easy split design to print on your printer of choice. This bundle contains enough terrain to field an entire tabletop! From small barricades to tall sniper towers this bundle has something for every one. You can find this bundle here.

Paint job credit goes to the mighty Crabbok!

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Showcase no.3

ASTRO WING is one of my favorite Starship sets I've made yet. Two styles for the price of one! With interchangeability between models to customize your own. You can find it here

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